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Winter Jordan Pines Engagement

Winter Jordan Pines Engagement with Miranda & Christian

by Utah Wedding photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Winter Jordan Pines Engagement session with Miranda & Christian could not have been more fun! We actually shot at two locations, Jordan Pines at the beginning and Mule Hollow at the end. We have not had a lot of snow this winter, so it was nice to be there on a day that it was actually snowing. And really, it was not that cold either.

As you can see, I am just now trying to catch up with my blogging. It seems like i am always behind because I am either shooting sessions or editing them, then posting to Instagram and Facebook. Blogging is last on my list.

Miranda and Christian are very nice people, and I barely had to give them any directions. I just showed them where I wanted them to stand or go, and they went. Most of the time I am helping people telling them where to put their hands, what way to look at the camera or at each other, but not these two. sometimes its just best to let people be who they are and not interfere to much.

The snow in some places was about three feet deep, making it difficult to get to the nicest places. But like a snow plow, I make paths for my clients to walk on so that they don't get covered in snow.

The last place we stopped was Mule Hollow, a beautiful, cliff side view of the snow covered rocky cliffs in Big Cottonwood canyon. It really does look similar to the Swiss Alps in some places.

For more information on the Winter Jordan Pines Engagement with Miranda & Christian shoot location, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.

The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites from the Winter Jordan Pines engagement with Miranda & Christian. Enjoy!


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