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Utah Photography Locations

If your a professional photographer, or a bride an groom looking for amazing Utah Photography locations, this is the site for you!

With over 10 year of experience, James Erick Photography Utah has accumulated a large amount of pictures of the best Utah Photography Locations.  Each Location has information on the location, including pictures, the time and date each picture was taken, as well as GPS coordinates of the starting point of each location.  

The landscapes of Utah change dramatically every season, so seeing a pictures of Utah photography locations without the seasonal context is useless, which is why I have organized each location by season so you can see in Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall what each of the best locations look like.  


Some things to know about this page

1. I have not enhanced these pictures so that you can see the actual colors and look of the landscapes and seasons in the pictures. 

2. I have included more wider angle shots so that you can see the surroundings.

3. You can view the date and time each picture was taken by hovering your mouse over each picture in the individual location galleries.

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Select a Season by Clicking on a Picture

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