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My Camera Gear

The following is a list of gear I use when shooting/filming 

5-Canon EOS R5's
2-Canon Battery Grip's
2-Atamos Ninja V's 
1-DJI RS 3 Gimbal
2-DJI RS 2 Gimbals

Canon EOS 24-70mm 2.8 RF Lens
Canon EOS 50mm 1.2 RF Lens
Canon EOS 70-200mm 2.8 RF Lens
Canon EOS 35mm 1.8 RF Lens
Canon EOS 24mm 1.8 RF Lens
2 Canon 600 EX RT 2 Flash's
DJI Mavic 3  Cine Drone
2-Lume Cube studio Lights
DJI wireless microphone
2-Rode lavalier mic's
4-Neutral Density lens Filters
Manfrotto Carbon fiber Tripod
Manfrotto Tripod
2-Manfrotto Carbon Fiber monopod's
Hold Fast Gear Camera Straps
Peter McKinnon Nomadic Camera Gear Backpack
I have spent a lot of time and money researching and buying the best gear in the market today.  If you want to "Geek Out" with me, read the following...
r5 with atamos.jpg

I use the Ninja 5 monitor/recorder with my Canon R5 cameras.  This is one of the best video setups available today for high Quality 4k video. 


The advantages of this combination are:

-You can dual record to the R5 and the Ninja V at the same time.


-The Ninja V with its SSD Drives allows me to record  longer than the Canon R5 is capable of doing alone with with its CF Express Cards. 


-The Ninja V also allows you to record higher quality video in Apple Pro Res, and makes it much easier to edit video compared to the H.265 internal recording that Canon Offers.

-The Ninja monitor is much larger than the screen on the back of the R5 with makes it easier to see what you are recording.

I use two DJI Ronin S2 Gimbals to get steady video throughout my photoshoots.  One as my primary Gimbal, one as a backup.

The DJI RS 2 is an unparalleled solution for dynamic cinematography. Every design element and feature is designed to deliver industry-leading camera stabilization. The DJI RS 2 Pro Combo is crafted to master filmmaking.

Full-Color Touchscreen

Access ActiveTrack 3.0 right from the touchscreen, freeing your creative control. The full-color LCD screen allows you to quickly adjust parameters and use all features of the Ronin app.


Titan: DJI Stabilization Evolved

The Titan Stabilization Algorithm captures smoother footage than ever.  SuperSmooth compensates for micromovements and increases torque, stabilizing even 100mm zoom lenses.


Cinematic Sharpness

A built-in front dial above the trigger complements a mounted Focus Wheel for more precise focus and zooming, right from the handle.  The 3D Focus System uses ToF sensors to measure the distance between lens and subject for a sharp picture, even in low lighting. This advanced system makes it possible to use fast autofocusing on manual, large-aperture lenses.

r5 with RS2 Gimbal.jpg

I recently purchased a DJI Mavic 3 Cini  drone for video 

• 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera
• 20MP Photos
• 12.8 Stops of Dynamic Range
• f/2.8-f/11 Adjustable Aperture
• 24mm Equivalent Focal Length
• Vision Detection Auto Focus (VDAF)

4/3 CMOS
A larger image sensor not only gives Mavic 3 higher resolution and dynamic range, it also more effectively suppresses noise in low-light environments.

12.8 Stops of Dynamic Range
The 4/3 CMOS sensor comes with a 12.8-stop dynamic range to retain more details in highlights and shadows, elevating imagery to a professional level.

Adjustable Aperture
Adjustable aperture is available to meet the needs of aerial photographer in a wide variety of lighting scenarios.

Vision Detection Auto Focus (VDAF)
The Hasselblad camera on Mavic 3 features VDAF technology, which works with multiple vision sensors to utilize distance data and optimize focusing speed.

Hasselblad Natural Color Solution
Mavic 3 features the Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS), which is the result of decades of photographic experience. This ensures vividly accurate natural colors that look spectacular even without presets or editing in post.

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