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James Erick Photography Utah does not just to beautiful photography, I also do Bride and Groom, Bridal, Engagement and Wedding Day videography.   


Just a note, I only do wedding videography for clients that are also booking me to do their wedding photography. This is why my videography is more affordable than most other videographers, as I am already there to do the photography as well.


There are people who will tell you its impossible to do both photography & video at the same time.  It is possible, and I have done it many times.  


The video is shot with Canon EOS R5's, a Ninja V monitor, and a DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone in 4K High resolution, then rendered to 1080p so you can view it on your TV or smart devices, which means you will get amazingly beautiful videos to show your friends and family during the same photography session you have already hired me for.    

Maleah & Landon's Bridals, Provo Canyon, Utah
Katera & Kyson's Bridals, High Uinta's, UT
Savanna & Josh's Bridals, Antelope Island, UT
Makayla & Andrews Wedding, Saratoga Springs Temple
Michelle & Gavin's Wedding, Mill Creek Inn, UT
Celine & Chandlers Bridals, A Secret Location in  Provo Utah
Miranda & Christian's Bridals, Antelope Island
Grace & David's Bridals, Moab, Utah
Jenna & Cody's Wedding, Louland Falls, Utah
Katy & Sam's Bridals, Big Springs Park
Maleah & Landon's Engagement, Tunnel Springs Park
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