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Utah Wedding Videography

In addition photography, I can also do Bride and Groom, Bridal, Engagement and Wedding Day videography.   


The video is shot with Canon EOS R5's, a Ninja V monitor, and a DJI Mavic Pro Cine Drone in 4K High resolution, which means you will get amazingly beautiful videos to show your friends and family. 

For all of the following videos, I also did photography as well.

Be sure to adjust the video quality in the player settings as some videos are in 4k
Annee & Hyrum's 3-Day Adventure Video in 4k
Maleah & Landon's Engagement Video, Tunnel Springs Park in 4K
Katera & Kyson's Bridals Video, High Uinta's, UT in 4k
Maleah & Landon's Bridals Video, Provo Canyon, Utah in 4K
Jenna & Cody's Wedding Video, Louland Falls, Utah
Celine & Chandlers Bridals Video,  Provo Utah  In 4K
Makayla & Andrew's Wedding Video, Saratoga Springs Temple in 4K
Katy & Sam's Bridals Video, Big Springs Park In 4K
Savanna & Josh's Bridals Video, Antelope Island, UT in 4k
Michelle & Gavin's Wedding Video, Mill Creek Inn, UT in 4k
Miranda & Christian's Bridals Video, Antelope Island in 4K
Grace & David's Bridals Video, Moab, Utah in 4k
Suvarna & Irish's Bridal Video, Jordan Pines in 4K
T.J. & Kailey Surprise Engagement 
Kennedy & Jakes Wedding Video, La Capella at Canterbury in 4K
Hailey & Corey's Wedding Video, Wadley Farms in 4K
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