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Winter Tibble Fork Engagement with Katie & Greyson

by Utah Wedding Photographers JamesErickPhotographyUtah

Winter Tibble Fork Engagement with Katie & Greyson

So we got our first snow fall last week and the Tibble Fork Winter engagement with Katie & Grayson was perfect!

I had started to wonder if were going to get any snow at all. There have been some years, like 2 years ago when the snow did not come until Christmas and there was barely any at all. But to my surprise I woke up the other day and there was lots of snow in the mountains.

Tibble Fork reservoir is an amazing place to shoot a winter engagement. There is lots of variety if your willing to walk to each place, and walk we did! With Katie's mother, father and brother in tow, we walked up the sides of mountains, cross snow covered fields, walked though snow covered trees, and even stood on a stump 50 feet above the ground.

But my favorite part of the shoot was sledding down the mountain. We tried it first with a blanket that Katie brought to the shoot, but that did not go fast enough. It was great for pictures, just not for speed. Then we found a red saucer that was left behind by a kid, and Katie & Grayson used it to have a little fun. I stopped them from going all the way down the hill or they may have been covered in snow by the time they reached the bottom of the hill.

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