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Summer Engagement at Silver Lake

Summer Engagement at Silverlake with Chalyn & Austin

by wedding photographers in Utah James Erick Photography Utah

The summer engagement at Silver Lake felt more like a late spring engagement as the wildflowers were everywhere and the weather was cool. I came up here a week ago to scout out the area, and the wildflowers were just starting to come out, so when Chalyn asked me where a great place to do their engagements, I said lets do Silver lake!

Silverlake in Brighton is one of my favorite places to shoot engagements and bridals. Its beautiful in the summer and winter, but there are a lot of restrictions on shooting here in the winter, and in the summer there are a lot of people here, especially on the weekends. But since Albion Basin was shut down to photographers (unless you want to pay a large fee and only shoot on the trail) Silverlake was the next best thing.

Chalyn & Austin are two very nice people and were really easy to work with. For the most part I did not have to give very much direction, they just did their thing. Every once and a while I would suggest something, but this is one of the easier photo shoots I have ever done.

Throughout the shoot, they changed outfits three times and at the end we even got a few shots with their dog. There were a lot of people here today so we had to wait a few times to get some of the shots until people cleared out from the background. All in all, the shoot went very well!

For more information on the Summer Engagement at Silverlake shoot location, please visit their website or for exact picture locations visit utahshootspots.com. For more information about James Erick Photography Utah, please visit my website at JamesErickPhotographyUtah.com.

The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites from the Summer Engagement at Silverlake. Enjoy!






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