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Spring Tibble Fork Engagement with Sandy & Jordan

by Utah Wedding Photographer James Erick Photography Utah

Spring Tibble Fork Engagement with Sandy & Jordan

The Spring Tibble Fork Engagement with Sandy & Jordan was so much fun! I have never seen two people laugh and joke around as much as these two did.

Its Spring but due to the late winter, the wildflowers are not out yet. Maybe in another month...but these two could not wait so off we went to Tibble Fork reservoir, a great place to shoot no matter what time of year you go. I like Winter the best because the snow covered pine trees along with the beautiful mountain views make for some amazing pictures. But i also like summer two when the lake is full and you can get some beautiful pictures on the dock and in the forest path that circles the lake.

We started in a river, yes, in a river, but to get there Sandy literally carried Jordan there so he would not ruin his new shoes. Sandy took off her shoes and Jordan carried them, and sandy carried him! This girl is strong! Then she carried him back. And usually I am the one leading the way, but Sandy was one step ahead of me the whole way. The girl can hike! I think she left Jordan and I in the dust most of the time.

Jordan and Sandy were such a nice couple, I think Sandy and Jordan are going to have the most fun marriage ever. People say you should marry your best friend, and the way these two get along, they are best friends times 10.

The shoot went great, the sun was shining, and the couple were smiling. What else can you ask for?

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