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Spring Engagement Session at Utah Lake with Shanna & Mike

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Spring Engagement Session at Utah Lake with Shanna & Mike

The Spring Engagement at Utah Lake was so much fun, and the lake could not have been more beautiful. There were so many colors, from the green bushes, to the yellow cat tails, to the Blue mountains and to many more to count.

I had only been to this location at Utah lake once before, but I had scouted it out so I knew it pretty well. Near the lake itself there are some beautiful places to take pictures, but it can be muddy near the shore, and the trails wind their way through tall cattails and through bogs so you have to be careful. But where we were talking pictures in the upper field so the ground was solid.

Shanna & Mike were great to work with. They kept on laughing and teasing each other like an old married couple. You could tell that they already have a great friendship, and when they get married it will be the same. You can also tell by the way they look at each other, they are truly in love.

Even though the fields and the lake inlets are beautiful places to take pictures, one of my favorite spots is a bridge that crosses one of the Utah lake inlets. There is some kind of factory or pump house in the background that looks very rustic and makes for a great background.

Originally we had scheduled this shoot for the mountains, but had to change it because it was raining in the mountains, and I am so glad we did!

Want us to shoot a Spring Engagement Session at Utah Lake for you, or any other type of session? For more information, please go to Utah Wedding Photographers For more information on the shoot location, please visit the Utah Lake website, or for the exact GPS information on where I took the pictures, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.


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