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Winter Sundance Engagement Session with Alanna & Danny

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Engaged couple at Sundance in the snow
couple walking in the snow

piggy back ride in snow.

Snowing on couple

The Winter Sundance Engagement Session with Alanna & Danny did not start that way.... At first when Alanna and Danny arrived in more dressy clothing, it was a calm and partially cloudy day. But you know what they say about Utah, wait ten minutes and the weather will change, and so it did! It started to pour down snow!

When Alanna & Danny arrived at the entrance to the Mt. Timpanogos trail head, Atlanta was wearing a red summer dress that was more suited for a summer photo shoot, not a 23-degree winter shoot! But she said she was fine, and that the cold was not really an issue. So, we walked up the trail to the top of the nearest mountain and took a few shots. Everything was fine until the wind came in and it started to snow heavily. We decided at that point to get down the mountain as quick as possible so the couple could change into colder weather clothing.

After they had changed, Danny and Alanna had lots of fun throwing snowballs at each other and running around in the snow. There are snow effects you can add to pictures to make it look like it’s snowing, but they are never as good as the real thing because in real life, snow begins to stick to your clothing and hair, and that can’t be duplicated in fake snowing pictures.

The Winter Sundance Engagement Session with Alanna & Danny was one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. The snow just made it more fun.

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