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Slide Canyon Engagement Session

Slide Canyon Engagement Session with Amanda & Remington

by wedding photographers in Utah James Erick Photography Utah

The Slide Canyon Engagement Session with Amanda and Remington was awesome! We did not Start at Slide canyon for this photo shoot. We started at Big Springs Park were the Fall colors right now are amazing. The yellow Aspens have finally turned yellow, if just for a short time. And the maple Leaf trees are red and orange, but fading fast.

It has been a strange Fall. Many of the areas I have shot in, the yellow aspens are still green, or lost all their leaves before they even changed colors. I think this is due to the late fall and early frost, but I don't know. Any way, the colors looked great at Big Springs Park and at Slide Canyon just across the way, so we decided to shoot at both locations.

I am shooting Amanda & Remington's wedding in Wyoming next year, and I cant wait. these two are so much fun to take pictures of, its not even like working at all. We went all over the place and got a lot of great backgrounds for pictures. I don't think I will have to work out for a week after all the walking we did.

My favorite part of the shoot was at the end where we were at Slide canyon, with the waterfall in the background and the fall colors.

The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites from the Slide Canyon Engagement Session with Amanda & Remington. Enjoy!

For more information on the Slide Canyon Engagement Session with Amanda & Remington shoot location, for the exact GPS coordinates of each shoot spot, visit utahshootspots.com. For more information about James Erick Photography Utah, please visit my website at JamesErickPhotographyUtah.com.






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