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Rock Canyon Winter Engagement with Alice & Ben

by Utah Wedding Photographers JamesErickPhotographyUtah

Rock Canyon Winter Engagement with Alice & Ben

There are many beautiful places to do engagements in the winter. Rock Canyon is not one of the places I would have chosen to do a winter shoot. There are few to no pine trees, so the vast majority of the trees have no leaves and look dead. The canyon itself is desolate, muddy, and just not very pretty. However, when your clients ask you to shoot in a location with red rock and don't want to travel to Moab, you do the best you can.

There have been a few times when a client has asked me to shoot in a location that is not nice or not nice in the season they are in. I try to steer them to a better location. After all, I just want them to get great pictures. But sometimes the clients just want a place close to home, or that place has some meaning to them. In this case, the canyon had meaning to them. So off we went.

I arrived at Rock Canyon about an hour prior to the shoot to scout out the best locations, and actually did find some nice places to take pictures. The contrast between the red-rock and the snow was nice. I did find one pine tree to take a picture in front of. And i will definitely come back here again in the summer to explore more locations.

Alice & Ben were great to work with and we walked pretty far into the park to get these shots.

For more information on the Rock Canyon winter engagement session shoot location, please visit their website or for the exact GPS coordinates of each shoot spot, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.

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