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Summer Squaw Peak Engagement Session with Megan & Josh

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Rainbows and Flowers Engagement Session with Megan & Josh

The Rainbows and Flowers Engagement Session will go down in the record books as one of the most awesome photo shoots I have ever done. I promised Megan & Josh we would get some really beautiful wildflowers and scenic views, but I had no Idea we would get an amazing rainbow on top of it all! I know what your thinking...I photo-shopped it in. I wish I could do that! Rainbows are translucent, meaning that if I did that you would be able to tell as the background of the rainbow would not look like the space around it. So yes, this is a real rainbow.

Shooting any session in the spring time is a gamble. It could rain, or it could be cloudy, or both. When we set off up the mountain to do the shoot, we stopped about half-way to a place I knew there would be lots of blue wildflowers. It was so beautiful, 4 foot tall bushes of blue flowers surrounded Megan & Josh. In the background, an aspen tree forest filled the landscape.

But if the first location was beautiful, the second was spectacular! We ended up at buffalo Peak, a mountain top filled with a field of yellow flowers with green leaves, with purple snow capped mountains in the background. And if it could not get any better, after shooting there for about 15 minutes, a rainbow started to form! Not an average, small or partial rainbow, but a full, huge rainbow nearly right in front of us! In my life I have only seen maybe a handful of full rainbows, and never one this close. I was hard to get the whole rainbow in the picture. I thought, what's next, is a unicorn going to fly by in the background?

Since Rainbows sometimes only last for a few minutes, we started shooting like crazy, running from one part of the field to another. All in all I took over 475 pictures, mostly with the rainbow in it. It was a day I will never forget!

Want us to shoot a rainbows and flowers engagement session for you, or any other type of session? For more information, please go to Utah Wedding Photographers For more information on the shoot location, please visit the Squaw Peak website, or for the exact GPS information on where I took the pictures, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.


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