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Winter Sundance Engagement with Kirsty & Mitch

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The planned last winter Sundance engagement with Kirsty & Mitch did not go so well. Don't get me wrong, it started great, but had to end about 15 minutes after it started with only about 20 pictures.

It was a beautiful but cold day in the freezer at Sundance when I started taking pictures of Kirsty & Mitch. I call this area of Sundance the "freezer" because no matter what time of year you go here, its colder than the surrounding area. But in winter, it feels like you have just walked into a freezer.

I usually start by taking a few pictures at the base of the Mountain near the parking area, then move on to the waterfall trail to take a few more pictures, then to the top of the trail for some amazing view pictures of the mountains surrounding the Sundance ski resort area. That plan has worked many times before but this time of year is very dangerous in this area.

Many people don't know this because there are no signs posted on this side of the mountain, but April is avalanche season due to the warming weather and steep cliffs that accumulate snow winter. Last year in April I was walking up the trail and heard a loud wind sound and suddenly the entire area was whited out by an avalanche that just missed us by about 50 yards. Had we been in that spot 5 minutes earlier, I would not be writing this blog.

But this time it was not an avalanche that ended the shoot early. Poor Kirsty got the worst nose bleed I have ever seen. She warned me that it could be bad, and that she did get these sometimes, but I had no idea how bad. When we walked back to the parking area, people that saw the blood were so concerned that one offered medical attention. My son gets nose bleeds about every other month, and there is nothing we can do to stop them. Just plug up the nose and ride it out with his head tilted back. One time it was so bad we had to replace his mattress.

Needless to say, we ended the shoot early and I promised Kirsty & Mitch that we could re-schedule the shoot on another day at no cost to them. But we did still get a few great shots before we had to cancel the shoot so I wanted to post them here.

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For more information on the shoot location, please visit the Sundance mountain ski resort website or for the exact spot I took the pictures, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.


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