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American Fork Amphitheater Engagement with Andrea & Harry

American Fork Amphitheater Engagement with Andrea & Harry

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The American Fork Amphitheater Engagement with Andrea & Harry was not what I expected. Shooting there can be difficult if the sun is out as the light filters throughout the trees and makes light spots all over the amphitheater. But not today!

Andrea had requested that we do the shoot there and I had not been there in more than a few years. Mostly because I did not live very close to American fork, but as I just moved there it was only 15 minute from my home, so I though I would give it a try. And since this year the snow had not come yet, I thought it could be a great place to shoot. It definitely was! There were hardly any people there and no snow! And the lighting was perfect. Not to dark, not to bright, which means that there were no harsh shadows or light spots at all. It was perfect for shooting the American Fork Amphitheater Engagement.

What can I say about Andrea and Harry? They surprised me. I had not met them prior to the shoot, and from their names I expected an older couple. As you can see I was totally wrong. They were young, amazing looking, and a lot of fun to photograph. They seemed so comfortable together and laughed and joked around the entire shoot. I can tell from the way they are together that this is going to be a marriage that lasts forever.

If you would like more information regarding the shoot location, please visit their website at American Fork Amphitheater. For more information regarding my company, please visit us at James Erick Photography Utah. The pictures above a just a few of my favorites from the American Fork Amphitheater Engagement with Andrea & Harry.

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