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Fall McPolin Farm Engagement Session with Leisha & Cameron

Fall McPolin Farm Engagement Session with Leisha & Cameron

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Fall McPolin Farm Engagement session with Leisha & Cameron started off on a cloudy and rainy day. Now most of the time this would not be a good thing, but in this case the rain turned into sprinkles and the wet weather brought out all the colors and the clouds made the perfect lighting for an amazing photo shoot!

Fall at McPolin Farm is an amazing time of year. The yellow aspens are so amazing to look at, mixed in with pine trees and some red oaks, it makes for a beautiful background. But add a little rain to it and you get unimaginable colors that would make famous artists like William Henrits drool. Add a great couple like Leisha & Cameron and you have the perfect setting for a perfect engagement shoot.

McPolin Farm is one of my favorite places to shoot almost any time of year, the the Fall is particularly beautiful. There are paved cement paths that wind there way up to the edge of the Aspen Tree Forest, and then dirt paths that go further into the forest. When you get about 20 feet or more into the forest, you are completely surrounded by the yellow aspens. I actually got lost for about 5 minutes one time trying to find my way out the first time I did a photo shoot there.

Leisha & Cameron were a lot of fun to work with. They were constantly smiling and joking around with each other. I wish I could shoot their wedding but they are getting married in Portland, Oregon on a day I am already booked, or I would have flown out there.

If you would like me to shoot a Fall Mcpolin Farm Engagement for you, please call me at 801-678-6240 or visit my website at James Erick Photography Utah. For more information on the shoot location, please visit their website at Swaner Farm.

The pictures above were just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

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