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Spring Bountiful Pond Engagement with Katie & Nick

Spring Bountiful Pond Engagement with Katie & Nick

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

If there are two crazier or fun people than Katie & Nick, I don't know them, and they proved it on their Bountiful Pond Engagement when they took an aluminum boat out in a lightning storm!

I had only been to the Bountiful pond once before to take my son to play with his remote control boat. Prior to that I had lived in the area for many years and never even know it existed. But here, near the freeway, is a beautiful pond surrounded by cat tails and wild flowers. I do remember the mosquitoes being a big problem, so when Nick and Katie asked me to shoot there Bountiful Pond Engagement, I bought a new can of repellent.

Katie & Nick are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Fun and funny to be around. And they have a real sense of adventure. They decided to take a row boat out on the pond to get some pictures, but we only got a few before we started to see lightning coming in close and they were in a metal boat! So I yelled for them to come back quickly as I was really worried for their safety.

About 10 minutes after they got the boat out of the water, it started to pour down rain. Now most people would have been running for cover, but not Nick and Katie! They started to dance in the rain, run around and have fun. The rain does not bother me(just my camera) so I just shot away.

There were so many interesting things at the Bountiful Pond Engagement to shoot, we ended up spending a lot more time then what was usual. But in the end, I had more fun on this shoot then on any I can remember.

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The pictures above are a few of my favorite pictures from the Bountiful Pond Engagement with Katie & Nick.

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