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Winter McPolin Farm Engagement with McKenna & Adam

Winter McPolin Farm Engagement with Makenna & Adam

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Adam & Makenna are a fun couple and were perfect for Winter McPolin Farm Engagement Session. Having seen one of my earlier bridal shoots at a white barn in park city, they wanted some shots there and some with the aspen trees and blue sky. So we headed out to park city, or close to it, and walked in cold temperatures and deep snow to reach the barn. At one point while shooting them on the fence, I was in waist deep snow, and had to hold on to the fence with one hand while shooting with the other for fear I would sink further. And we had to move fast as a storm was coming in and the clouds were moving quickly across the sky, threatening to cover up what was left of the blue sky. So for much of the shoot we were running from one location to another, trying to be careful but have fun at the same time.

After the barn, we raced to the aspen trees, about 5 miles away, and found that location after location, the snow was waist deep or deeper, until we finally came to one spot that worked out. And by the time we made it to the aspen trees, there was only a small patch of blue sky left. So we did some quick shots until the sky was filled with clouds and it started to get dark.

In all it was a fun couple of hours and we got some great pictures out of it and I learned that next time I do a shoot in the winter in park city to make sure I am wearing ski pants and something other than tennis shoes! The following a few of my favorite shots from the Ski Resort Engagement Session with Adam and Makenna.

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