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Winter Salt Lake Temple Wedding with Brittnie & Adam

Winter Salt Lake Temple Wedding with Brittnie & Adam

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Winter Salt Lake Temple Wedding with Brittnie & Adam was magical! Yes, that is actual snow falling in the background. You never know what you are going to get when you shoot a wedding at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple in December. I have seen it be 80 degrees, or 10 degrees, Lots of snow or no snow at all. But snow is what Brittnie & Adam wanted, and that's what they got, and lots of it! Never-mind that I was in a jacket and wearing thermals, as it was 23 degrees. If it was cold, you could not tell by the smiles on Brittnie & Adams faces. They are so in love it showed, and warmed up the whole area.

I had shot Brittnie & Adams engagement session at the International Peace Gardens earlier in the year, so I knew them pretty well. They joke around a lot, and were a lot of fun to take pictures of. But then the snow started to fall and it got a lot more fun. I think they would have made snow angels if I did not stop them (I did not want Brittnie to ruin her dress!) But seriously, what better backdrop could you get for a winter wedding? I wanted a snowball fight but the snow was too powdery, so that was out. Maybe next time?

Winter weddings have a charm all their own, and Brittni & Adam's recent nuptials at the Salt Lake Temple were no exception. The backdrop? A picturesque scene straight out of a fairytale, with snow falling gently around them as they exchanged vows in the heart of December.

As a photographer, shooting weddings at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple in December is always an adventure. You never quite know what to expect - it could be a balmy 80 degrees or a frosty 10 degrees, with either lots of snow or none at all. But for Brittni & Adam, snow was the perfect setting for their special day, and they got plenty of it!

Despite the chilly temperatures - a brisk 23 degrees, to be exact - you wouldn't know it from the radiant smiles on Brittni & Adam's faces. Their love for each other warmed up the entire area, melting away any trace of cold.

Capturing their love against the snowy backdrop was truly magical. The pristine white landscape provided the perfect contrast to the couple's beaming faces and elegant attire. Every moment was filled with joy, laughter, and undeniable love.

From the tender exchange of vows to the joyous celebration with family and friends, Brittni & Adam's winter wedding was a day to remember. And as the snow continued to fall around them, it only added to the enchantment of their love story.

As a photographer, witnessing moments like these is truly a privilege. Brittni & Adam's winter wedding at the Salt Lake Temple was a testament to the power of love to warm even the coldest of days, and I feel honored to have been a part of it. Cheers to the happy couple as they embark on this new chapter of their lives together, surrounded by the beauty of a winter wonderland and the warmth of each other's love.

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