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Winter Sundance Bride & Groom Session with Jenna & Ryan

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Shooting the Winter Sundance Bride & Groom Session with Jenna & Ryan was a lot easier than previous shoots. The snow was not nearly as high, the weather was perfect, not to cold, and not snowing! I shot Jenna & Ryan's engagements in the Fall of this year, so I knew they were going to be a lot of fun to work with. When I posted their pictures on my Instagram page, I got more questions about where Jenna got her dress than any other bride I ever photographed. It was absolutely amazing, and very unique. So she told me she got it at Fantasy bridal in Murray. Several of the brides I have photographed recently have bought their dresses from them, and they all looked great so it must be a great place to find wedding dresses.

Jenna & Ryan, as always, were a lot of fun to shoot. They laugh and joke around with each other, play jokes, and have an amazing relationship. Last time when we shot their engagement session, they brought their dog with them, but this time they decided it was better to leave her home.

Sundance is an awesome place to shoot a bride and groom session. There are three main trails leading left, right and straight up to the cliff face. And it is beautiful all year round, but I like winter the best because of the snow covered pine trees that cover the landscape.

If you would like more information regarding the Winter Sundance Bride & Groom Session shoot location, please visit the Sundance Mountain Resort website. For more information regarding my wedding photography business, please visit my website at or call me at 801-678-6240.

The pictures above are just a few of my favorites from the Winter Sundance Bride & Groom Session with Jenna & Ryan. Enjoy!


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