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Winter Jordan Pines Campground Couples Session with Kanthi & Shachindra

by Utah Wedding Photographers JamesErickPhotographyUtah

The Winter Jordan Pines Couples Session with Kanthi and Shachindra was very cold, but with all the fun the couple was having, it warmed it up really quick!

I have been on a lot of photo-shoots in the winter where people did not exactly wear clothing that could keep them warm. For example, on a bride and groom shoot a couple of years ago, the bride showed up wearing high heels and the snow that year was about 3 feet high where we were going to shoot. For winter shoots where we are going to be in the snow, I always tell people to wear snow boots as you will never see their feet in snow that is at least 6 inches deep. We had to eventually cancel and re-schedule the shoot because the bride’s feet were freezing.

On another shoot about five years ago, the bride wore flat shoes without any socks for a photoshoot at Antelope Island in 14 degree weather and with 4 inches of snow on the ground. She did not even have a jacket! I told that bride before we started the shoot that it was going to be impossible to do the shoot because she could literally freeze to death. But the bride and her mom insisted that we continue with the shoot and that she would be fine.

Halfway to the location where we were going to be shooting, the bride said she was freezing, and that her feet were numb. Her mom insisted that we continue, so I took pictures for another ten minutes and then said I was cancelling the shoot weather mom liked it or not because the bride was crying and shaking uncontrollably. I gave her my jacket to wear and I had to carry her back a mile to our cars as she could no longer walk. I promised myself that I would never let another shoot happen if there was a chance that something like that could happen again. I could always re-schedule, and my client’s health is more important than my time.

So, back to the shoot at hand. When I saw that Kanthi was not wearing any socks, flat shoes, and a beautiful blue sleeveless dress, and the snow was about 3 feet deep, I was worried. You can’t get great shots on the side of the highway where the snow was only an inch deep. She did have a jacket to take on and off between locations, but I was worried about her feet. And I did warn her before we started to walk that her feet would be freezing. But she said she would be ok.

Kanthi and Shachindra are from India, and even though it snows in some of the high elevation locations in India, like the Himalayas, they were from a warmer part of India. So I don’t think they knew it would be so cold.

Sure enough, just as we got about a quarter of the way through the shoot, poor Kanthi’s feet were freezing. However, this time, groom to the rescue! To solve the problem, Shachindra took off his socks and gave them to Kanthi, problem solved. After all, who is going to see your feet in 2 feet of snow? I suspect that the groom’s feet were now pretty cold, but he never complained. I tried to make paths in the snow that they could walk in, but it was still cold.

But seriously, through all of it, they were laughing and joking around, and I think their personalities warmed up the entire area. We finished the shoot in a little over an hour and got some great shots wile having a lot of fun. And you cant see their feet in any of the pictures I took.

The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites from The Winter Jordan Pines Couples Session with Kanthi and Shachindra. Enjoy!

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