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Tibble Fork Bride and Groom session with Kirsty & Mitch

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Tibble Fork Bride and Groom session with Kirsty & Mitch

The Tibble Fork Bride and Groom session with Kirsty & Mitch was great. We are having a late winter and so spring for the most part has not arrived yet in the mountains, or anywhere else in Utah for that matter. So the best places to shoot are those with pine trees.

There is a lot to be said for backgrounds covered in misty pine trees with snow capped mountains in the background. It was very beautiful, and the weather was not cold, and we were not walking in a foot or two of snow, so it was a lot easier to get around today.

Up in a hidden trail that goes up a steep slop up the side of the mountain, we found the remains of an old Indian Tepee, or what looked like a re-creation of one, without the covering. So we took a few pictures in front of it and I added a vintage effect to the pictures.

I had already photographed Kirsty & Mitch's engagement at bridal veil falls and prior to that a short session in the snow at Sundance, so I got to know them and how great they were to work with. They are more of a serious kind of couple, not a lot of laughing and joking around, so I made their pictures for the most part more romantic poses. Every client I meet is different, and you have to tailor their pictures to their type of personality, or to what they tell you they want, which is usually the same thing.

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