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Summer Tibble Fork Bride & Groom Session with Ciera & Doug

by Utah Wedding Photographers JamesErickPhotographyUtah

The Tibble Fork bride & groom session with Ciera & Doug was awesome! We shot at the perfect time for the lighting in that area. And by the time we shot at the Tibble Fork dam, the soft light and background (as well as the couple) made for some amazing pictures.

I had been asked to shoot this session earlier than 6:00 pm, but having shot at Tibble Fork many times, I knew the sun would still be high in the sky and that it would leave bright harsh shadows that would make the pictures look washed out if we shot that early. But we actually did not get started utile about 6:30, which was perfect.

The first location we went to had light streaming through the tall pine trees which looked magical in the back-light. The surrounding mountains funnel the light so that it looks like the couple have focused back light. Most people don't know about this location and I have never seen another photographer here, so I will keep it a secret. The second location though was my favorite. Its an outcropping from the Tibble Fork Reservoir that can be viewed from a distance with huge pine trees in the background. I loved these pictures so much that I put one of them on the front page slide show of my website.

Ciera & Doug are very nice people, as are Ciera's mom and twin sister. They were easy to work with and very polite. I'm really looking forward to shooting their upcoming wedding.

For more information on my photography services, please visit my website, or call me at 801-678-6240. The pictures above are just a few of my favorites from the Tibble Fork Bride & Groom Session with Ciera & Doug.


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