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Spring Utah Lake Bride & Groom Session with Emily & Jesse

by Utah Wedding Photographers JamesErickPhotographyUtah

Spring Utah Lake Bride & Groom Session with Emily & Jesse

So today it was back to Utah Lake for another Spring Utah Lake Bride & Groom session but this time it was with Emily & Jesse. The sky was partially covered with clouds, which was not a bad thing. It means we can take pictures in many different directions without getting harsh shadows.

I had already shot Emily & Jesse's Engagement session earlier this year at Jordan Pines in the snow, so I already knew Emily had a shy personality. She seemed to think she was not good at getting pictures taken of her! She could not have been more wrong. She looked amazing! Many times I have clients tell me that they don't look good in pictures, that is until they see the pictures I take of them. That was the case here as well.

Emily and Jesse, though very reserved, broke out of their shells when I stood back far enough to let them be themselves. That's all it took. The pictures of them that I posted on Instagram were some of the highest liked and commented on pictures I have ever taken. And they thought they would not look good in pictures! And incase you are wondering, yes, the wind was blowing her dress in most of the pictures. Sometimes the wind can be of use.

Emily & Jesse were so nice to work with. They climbed onto high rocks and walked all over the area to get some amazing pictures. I look forward to shooting their upcoming wedding.

For more information on the Spring Utah Lake Bride & Groom session with Emily & Jesse shoot location, please visit the Utah Lake website, or for the exact GPS coordinates on hundreds of amazing shoot locations and pictures of each shoot spot, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.

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