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Spring Squaw Peak Bride & Groom Session with Brenna & Kenny

by Utah Wedding Photographers

Spring Squaw Peak Bride & Groom Session with Brenna & Kenny

The middle of the day in bright sunlight is not the time of day I would have chosen to do a Spring Squaw Peak Bride & Groom Session, but that's the only time Brenna & Kenny had to do it. In fact, there wedding was only an hour after we were to be done that day so we also only had a limited amount of time to do it.

Sure enough, when I arrived the sun was bright and shadows were harsh, but at least the bride looked beautiful...but where was the groom? The bride called and found out that the groom had just gone to get his hair cut and had misjudged the distance to get to where we were shooting, so we decided to start with just the bride.

Brenna is amazingly beautiful. Her dress perfect. The lower area of Squaw Peak had just started to bloom after a very long winter, so the yellow flowers were out. There were a few clouds on the horizon, but they were not moving very fast. I thought, if only the clouds would move in, we could get some beautiful lighting.

But no luck so far, so we started. I tried to shoot most of the pictures with the sun at the brides back to reduce the shadows, but the beautiful views were the opposite direction! Brenna's father helped out a lot for the first half hour until the groom finally arrived.

Then, just as Brenna walked up behind the groom for the first look, the clouds covered the sky creating a much softer light. Yes! Finally, some good light to shoot in, but we only had about 20 minutes left! So i gave them about a minute to see each other and then it was off to get the rest of the pictures.

The Spring Squaw Peak Bride & Groom Session with Brenna & Kenny did not start off great, but it sure ended great.

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