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Spring Red Butte Gardens Bridal with Sarah

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Sarah's Spring Red Butte Gardens Bridal session was beautiful, but looked more like a winter session than a Spring session. We have had a really long winter this year and there are very few places with flowers or spring blossoms yet. So we decided to try Red Butte gardens, but even hear there are no leaves on the trees and just a few places with planted flowers,

But no problem, there are still some amazing places to take pictures here! Red Butte Gardens has a huge variety of shooting locations, and it is almost impossible to get to all of them in a 1 hour session. I recommend renting a golf cart to get to all of the best locations.

One of my favorite locations at Red Butte gardens is the forest path with the trees that have bent over the path. It would have made a great scene for the movie "Sleep Hollow" as right now there are no leaves on any of the trees and it has a kind of spooky look to it.

Also another favorite spot is the pond with the cobble stones wandering through it next to a dock. I wish i could have got an angle where I could have seen Sarah's reflection but I would have had to walk 7 minutes to the other side of the pond and back, making it a 14 use of my time for 1 shot that may or may not have looked good.

Sarah was awesome to work with, and her whole family came out to help with the Spring Red Butte Garden bridal shoot.

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For more information on the shoot location, please visit the Red Butte Gardens website or for the exact spot I took the pictures, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.


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