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Winter Tibble Fork Bridal Session with Alanna

by Utah wedding photographers

It was an amazingly beautiful day for a snow-covered bridal session at Tibble Fork Reservoir with Alanna! I recently shot her engagements at Sundance in the snow, but it was not as cold then as it was today. As you probably already know, there has been a lot of snow this year and Tibble Fork Reservoir is one of my favorite places to shoot in any season, but winter is one of my favorites.

Now there is snow, and there are other kinds of snow. What I mean is that snow falls in many different ways, some not great for photography, and some great for photography. Large clumpy snow or windy snow does not usually work great in pictures, but the snow we had today, light and non-wind driven was perfect!

It was cold though, about 14 degrees, and poor Alanna was freezing! She was so cold that I took off my jacket and let her wear it because I thought she was going to get frostbite! At one point I even said that maybe we should re-schedule the shoot, but she would not have it, and trudged on.

Now I am all for getting amazing pictures, but I do not want my clients to get sick getting them, so we hurried along, and I tried to keep her moving as much as possible to keep her warmer. All in all, the shot went great and I got some beautiful shots of an amazingly beautiful bride. At the end of the shoot the wind picked up and it just got to cold, so we called it and went home.

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For more information on the shoot location, please visit the Tibble Fork Reservoir website or for the exact spot I took the pictures, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.


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