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Summer Silver Lake Bride & Groom Session with Chelsea & Austin

by Utah Wedding photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Silver Lake bride & groom Session with Chelsea & Austin was an adventure! When you ask a bride & groom to drive an hour up a steep and windy dirt road to get to a parking lot in the middle of the woods. Then hike another hour up a small rough trail high into the mountains to get to a pristine lake and get dressed for their bride & groom shoot, you expect them to say, “Are you crazy?” But that’s not the response I got from Chelsea and Austin. They said, “Let’s do it!” That’s because Chelse & Austin are not your normal hikers. They hike everywhere, in some of the most rugged areas in the US, so I knew they could do it.

I had hiked up the Silver Lake trail in Provo Canyon before. Twice before to be exact. It takes every bit of energy you have to make it to the top where the lake sits nestled amid beautiful pine trees and toughing the base of a thousand-foot cliff face. Then you just want to jump in the ice-cold water. So, I did. I arrived about an hour before Chelsea, Austin, the videographer and Chelsea’s brother and makeup artist. When you travel that far and hike for so long, you pray that the weather is going to cooperate.

Clouds are sometimes great for pictures. You can shoot in almost any direction without any harsh shadows, but today I wanted the sun to be out, and the wind to be still. I got neither. It was cloudy, and windy, but not until my clients arrived. Before they got there, the sun was shining, and the lake was as still as glass. Oh well, that’s the nature of the business, no do overs or re-scheduling this time. Overall, I got some great shots, even with the wind. We took much longer than an hour to do the shoot because it was difficult to get from one part of the lake to the other, with only narrow overgrown rocky trails. After the shoot was over, I started down first, and just got back to my truck when it was almost completely dark outside.

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The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites from the Silver Lake Bride & groom Session with Chelsea & Austin. Enjoy!


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