Fall Tibble Fork Bride and Groom Session with McKenna & Derek

by wedding photographers in Utah James Erick Photography Utah

Fall Tibble Fork Bride and Groom Session with McKenna & Derek

The Fall Tibble Fork Bride & Groom Session with McKenna & Derek could not have been more beautiful. Most of the time when I shoot Fall Sessions I am looking for places with fall colors, like Sundance, Squaw Peak, or other places with fall colored trees. But most of the fall colors have faded by now as we had a short Fall, and we needed a place that was still colorful.

Rarely have I seen a day like this at Tibble Fork. Even though it is always a beautiful place to do a photo session, today was probably the most amazing I have ever seen it. The pictures where McKenna & Derek were walking on a long with her leading him, the water in the background was turquoise blue. The picture where they are standing near the parking area, the water was emerald green. And the picture right next to the lake the water was a perfect reflection of the sky. I have never seen a lake that had so many colors in a 1 hour photo shoot.

I am only doing a bride & groom session for McKenna and Derek because I was already booked on their wedding day(too bad). I wish I could have shot their wedding as well. These two make a beautiful couple and they were fun and easy to take pictures of.

The shoot went great. The weather was perfect. The lake was beautiful. Ad the couple were amazing. What else can you want from a photo shoot?

For more information on the Fall Tibble Fork Bride & Groom Session shoot location, please visit their website or for the exact GPs coordinates of each shoot spot, visit utahshootspots.com. For more information about James Erick Photography Utah, please visit my website at JamesErickPhotographyUtah.com.

The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites from the Fall Tibble Fork Bride & Groom Session with McKenna & Derek. Enjoy!

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