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Spring Daybreak Bride and Groom Session with Lauren & Justin

When Lauren & Justin asked me to shoot her Bride & Groom session at Daybreak, I was excited. It had been many years since I had shot anything there, and now with spring arriving, and a beautiful day, it was the perfect time to do a shoot there. The only thing not so perfect was the wind...

Located behind the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, Daybreak is a beautiful planned community around a very large man made lake and channel system with bridges crisscrossing the green grassy landscape. Its a beautiful place to shoot, but it has been known to be windy sometimes, no matter what time of year you go there. Today, it was exceptionally windy, and I would have re-scheduled the shoot but the bride & groom needed to get the shoot done as their wedding was two days away.

So off we went, hair flying, helped out by two of Lauren's friends, all around the lake and trails to get some amazing shots. Lauren & Justin were awesome to work with, and we were fighting against the setting sun, so we were literally running at one point to get to the next location before the sun set. Some of my favorite shots where when we got to the top of one of the bridges and walked into a large circular area at the beginning of the bridge. The sun was just setting and the back-light was beautiful. After it set, we had a much more leisurely walk back to where we started, and got some pictures with a purple background with snow capped mountains. A perfect ending to a beautiful shoot.

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These pictures were just a few of my favorites from the Daybreak Bride & Groom Shoot with Lauren & Justin.

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