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Winter Silver Lake Bride and Groom Session with Ashlie & Tracey

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

It was actually snowing when I arrived at the Silver Lake Bride & Groom session with Ashlie and Tracey. While many photographers are pulling out previous years winter pictures to put on blogs, Facebook and Instagram, I really got to shoot one today in actual snow!

This has been a really strange year. We have had almost no snow at all. Temperatures have been in the 50's lately, so when Ashlie asked me to shoot a Silver lake Bride & Groom Session in the snow, I was thinking we would get up there and all we would find is mud. But we lucked out, as it had just snowed the night before giving the pine trees that Christmas dusting look.

However as beautiful as the snow was, it has its hazards! I arrived earlier to scout out good places to shoot at Silver Lake, and as I was walking on what I thought was a trail (at least there were foot prints and some blue markers) I sank up to my waist in a snow drift. With some effort, i was able to pull myself out, then found another rout. However, when the bride and groom arrived and we starting walking back down the path I already took, we all started to sink deeper and deeper. So instead of risking getting one of us stuck, or the brides dress all wet, we decided to go back a little bit and shoot from the relative safety of the trail near the entrance.

Ashlie & Tracey were absolutely wonderful to work with. It was about 24 degrees, and the bride was only wearing slippers for the first part of the shoot, and was shivering! I felt so bad for her I had them take a warm-up break about halfway through the shoot. But neither the Bride or Groom complained even once.

If you would like more information on the shoot location, please visit their website at Silver Lake. For more information on my company, please visit my website at

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