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Spring Provo Grove Bridals with Whitney

by Utah Wedding Photographers JamesErickPhotographyUtah

The Spring Provo Grove Bridals with Whitney were beautiful! I met Whitney at the near the Provo state hospital to begin the Provo Grove bridals shoot. My first impressions: Stunning bride. Stunning dress. As we started walking through the grove of trees just beginning to blossom, we talked about her and her finance. She is a dance instructor. She is also a fitness expert. But what I did not know was what an amazing person Whitney was. Not only is she amazingly beautiful, but nice and kind as well. A rare find these days.

Whitney and her fiancé met at the gym. I joked with her about that, but her fiancé sounds like an amazing guy, and why not meet at a gym? It just sounded too good to be true. In the days where almost everybody meets online, it was nice to hear a new story.

We shot in the grove, then headed for the castle. On the way there I call my wife Lacey and said: “Please come and hep me with this beautiful bride, she is here alone because its finals week, and her friends could not come, and I need your help. Lacy said, “I’m on my way”.

We shot more pictures at the castle behind the Provo state hospital, near the pond with the trout jumping all around us. Whitney could be a model…if she wanted to. She seemed to know exactly how to pose in every situation, so it was an easy shoot. Lacey met us as we were taking pictures at the castle door. My wife Lacey was really flattered when Whitney told her she looked like a super model.

After the castle we drove back to the grove for more pictures in the shade. At one point, there was a heard of deer in the grove. Whitney got within 40 feet of the heard before they moved off. I have never seen anything like it.

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