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Fall Mt. Timpanogos Temple Wedding with Larissa and Tyler

Fall Mt. Timpanogos Temple Wedding with Larissa and Tyler

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Fall Mt. Timpanogos wedding with Larissa and Tyler was going great, that is until a massive windstorm blew in right as we started to take the wedding party pictures at the temple!

It was a beautiful day for a Fall Mt. Timpanogos Wedding. The sky was partially cloudy, which is usually great for pictures. The temple doors opened and out came the smiling, happy couple. After they had greeted many of the guests that waited for them outside the doors, we moved to the front of the temple to get family shots. I looked up at the sky before we started, and noticed a disturbance in the distance. It looked like rain could be coming our way, so I tried my best to hurry the group. But there were a lot of people to organize, and most of the people did not seem to see what I saw coming in the distance.

Then, just as we started to take the wedding party pictures, a huge gust of sustained wind blew in, probably around 50 MPH or so, sweeping leaves and dust in everybody's faces. The girls hair was blowing in all different directions, and people were trying to huddle together to escape the windstorm.

We waited a few minutes, but it was apparent that this was not going to stop any time soon, so we had to make a decision, keep trying to do wedding party, or go right to the bride and groom pictures before it got any worse. Larissa and Tyler opted for bride and groom pictures, so off we went into the storm. We ended up shooting for about 45 minutes or so, getting some great shots with hair flying, until we decided to do the rest at Wheeler Farm. This ended up to be a great decision as there was not wind at Wheeler Farm, and it was a beautiful evening making for some amazing pictures.

For more information on the shoot locations, please click here. Mt. Timpanogos Temple. Wheeler Farm. If you would like us to shoot your Fall Mt. Timpanogos temple wedding, please visit our website at James Erick Photography Utah.

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