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Fall Alpine Loop Fall Bride and Groom Session with Larissa & Tyler

Fall Alpine Loop Fall Bride and Groom Session with Larissa & Tyler

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Alpine Loop Fall Bride and Groom session with Larissa & Tyler was beautiful! The fall colors in the narrow rocky canyon were amazing and the weather was perfect for this shoot.

I met "Tyler" (for some reason I thought his name was Skyler and called him that during the shoot until I later saw my error on the contract) for the first time in a gas station parking lot at the entrance to American Fork Canyon where I followed him up to a spot they had picked out for their Bride & Groom Shoot. It was about a 30 minute drive from the entrance to the canyon, winding through the beautiful fall colored trees and large pines. At some places, the road was so narrow I had to pull my Dodge Ram truck off the road to let opposing traffic squeeze by. But when we arrived at our destination, I could see why they chose that spot to do the American Fork Fall Bride and Groom session.

Imagine a grove of yellow aspen trees surrounded by large rocky cliffs and a vast valley stretching out into the distance. It was breath-taking. And that was just the beginning. I walked down the path with Tyler to get to the spot where we were going to do the first look with with Larissa, through an aspen tree grove with the sunlight streaming through. That cleared up to an open field of yellow grass and thistle which made you feel as if you were surrounded on all sides by a beautiful forest.

We were shooting around 5:30 pm to get the soft light, and the sun was going down quick so I went back to the road to get Larissa so she could walk down the path to Tyler. When Larissa came walking down the path, she looked amazing! Tyler was waiting with his back turned to her. And when Tyler turned around and saw her smiling at him, it was a beautiful sight.

Tyler & Larissa were a lot of fun to work with. They were very willing to go into difficult places to get some amazing shots. The spiny thistle covered the ground in this area, and even with jeans on I got stuck more than a few times. What's worse it would stick to Larissa's dress and I was worried it would snag it. And if the thistle was bad, the cold was worse. We were shooting in about 46 degree weather and Larissa did not have a coat. I knew it was going to be cold as I had been shooting for the past couple of days at Sundance near the same elevation, so I was wearing my thermals and a jacket. At one point I got some great shots of Tyler and Larissa when Tyler gave her his coat to wear to keep from freezing.

If you would like more information on having us shoot an Alpine Loop Fall Bride and Groom session for you, please visit us at James Erick Photography Utah. For more information on American Fork Canyon, please visit their website.

The following are just a few of m favorite pictures from the shoot!

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