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Summer Silverlake Flats Bride and Groom Session with Megan & Logan

Summer Silverlake Flats Bride and Groom Session with Megan & Logan

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Fall Silverlake Flats Bride and Groom session with Megan & Logan was something out of a movie. First, start with a beautiful backdrop, Silverlake Flats. Next throw in some great weather and lighting. And finally, add a beautiful couple, Megan & Logan.

But everything did not start as planned. Because of the remote location, cell phones did not work during the Sliverlake bride and groom session. So when the bride did not arrive on time, I was worried. So I started back down the mountain and luckily I found her and her mother driving up. But no Logan...and no way to contact him.

So we started without him and the bride seemed a little upset as she wanted to show him the dress for the first time. So we started without him, but no more than 5 minutes later, Logan came up and you should have seen the smile on Megan's face.

The revile went great, and I saw the look in their faces as they saw each other in their wedding attire for the first time. Priceless! So we jumped in my truck and went across the river to the most beautiful landscape you can imagine. High mountains, beautiful pine and aspen trees, and more colors than in a rainbow.

Megan and Logan smiled and walked and hiked and laughed as they got their pictures taken in the beautiful landscape. It truly was like something out of a movie, except they are not actors but truly nice and beautiful people.

I love my job, but on days like this I cant even call it a job. Its more like an ongoing adventure that I love more every day.

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