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Spring Wheeler Farm Bride and Groom Session Mckenna & Adam

Spring Wheeler Farm Bride and Groom Session with Mckenna & Adam

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

It was a beautiful day for our Wheeler Farm Bride and Groom Session and we got a great combination of sunny and cloudy weather, a perfect day for pictures. Usually no matter where you go its only one or the other, but this was a perfect day to take pictures. It was a perfect day for taking pictures as there was hardly anybody at Wheeler Farm. During the first look shot, Mckenna came up behind Adam and put her hands over his eyes, she turned him around and he looked at her like he had never seen her before, with a huge smile on his face. You could tell he was in love!

I have just begun to start blogging again after a long time. I have been so busy shooting I rarely have time to blog, but figured I would start with this one and work my way forward.

I already shot Adam & Mckenna's Engagement session about a month earlier at Swaner Farm and I knew this Wheeler Farm Bride and Groom Session was going to be fun. During that shoot we walked all over the snow covered trails and even right into the deep snow. Adam & McKenna were easy to work with and were very comfortable just being themselves. But the Wheeler Farm Bride and Groom Session was even better!

Every time I come here to shoot, I notice things I had not seen before. My favorite so far was the wooden shed, perfect for a vintage effect later, and great for high saturation pictures. Also there are trails all over the place weaving in and out of other ones so it’s easy to get lost if you have not been there a lot. Doing a Wheeler Farm Bride and Groom Session also means getting a lot of animals in your shots if you do it in the spring, but there were very few animals out today.

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The pictures above are a few of my favorite pictures from the Wheeler Farm Bride and Groom Session.

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