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Spring Vintage Bridal with Ashley

Spring Vintage Bridal with Ashley

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

This Spring vintage bridal with Ashley and her horse was shot down in a field in Payson. The new Payson temple looked nearly finished and reached to the sky and was off to the north and the beautiful snow capped mountains to the east. The sky was perfectly blue, and the air was warm. If you have never been to Payson before, its south of Provo and is dotted with small farms and houses with large horse properties. Its a beautiful area that's just far enough out of the city to make you believe your in the country.

Ashley was really great to work with, and I couldn't help doing most of the special edits with the vintage look as it just seemed to fit Ashley. Of course all of her originals were in color, but for the blog I wanted the vintage bridal look. Ashley has a really beautiful classic look and the vintage effects fit her perfectly.

Working with a horse is always a challenge. They all have their own personalities and just like people you have to cater to their needs. This horse just wanted to eat. Put a horse in a green field of alfalfa and its like putting a kid in a candy store. so the challenge was getting pictures with the horses head up, and not planted in the alfalfa. At one point we did this by tying the reigns to the horses saddle horn which seemed to work well enough.

After we let the horse go on its way, we shot until sun finally sank into the horizon. I said goodbye to Ashley, her mother and her friends and knew this had been a great shoot, with a great girl, on a perfect day.

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The pictures above are just a few of my favorites from the vintage bridal session.

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