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Woodland Park Bride Groom Session with Jeremy & Breann

Woodland Park Bride Groom Session with Jeremy & Breann

by Utah wedding photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Woodland Park Bride Groom Session with Jeremy & Breann was something new for me. I had never shot there before, and sometimes when clients suggest new locations they aren’t always great for pictures. However after we arrived at the park, I was pleasantly surprised to find that even though most of the higher elevations in Utah have all lost the beautiful fall colors, this placed seemed in the height of fall. The colors were amazing, and the location was a beautiful location to do a fall Bride and Groom session.

I had already shot Jeremy and Breann’s engagement pictures at antelope island a couple of months ago at Antelope Island, and I thought it would be hard to beat the beautiful pictures we got from that shoot, but true to form, Jeremy and Breann did great and we got even more beautiful pictures, different, but beautiful.

We were in a rush, as usual. The best time to shoot is an hour prior to sunset, so we rushed from location to location, down wooded trails through thick forest trees, over Stone walls, and across fields of green grass. It was a miracle that Breann did not rip her dress on the thorn bushes or get it dirty. But somehow she manages with the help of her fiancé Jeremy to come out unscathed. The last location was a field with the mountains in the background lit by the setting sun. I wish we had more time because I could have taken a thousand pictures in this location alone, but finally it got too dark so we called it a day.

Jeremy and Breann are a great couple to work with, funny, and very nice. I look forward to shooting their wedding at the Salt lake Temple.

The following are just a few of my favorite pictures form the Woodland Park Bride Groom Session with Jeremy & Breann…

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