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Winter McPolin Farm Bridal with Christie

Winter McPolin Farm Bridal with Christie

By Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Winter McPolin Farm Bridal with Christie was cold. But Christie’s beautiful smile and personality warmed the whole shoot up. Many times people have asked me if I use models on my website or blog. the answer is no, these are all real people, not actors or models, though you would not know it with Christie. Originally from Canada, and I learned a lot that I never knew about our neighbors to the north.

Christie seemed at home in the freezing cold weather, with or without her jacket. I had a heavy coat on but forgot to wear ski pants so by the time we were done I was soaked through. I was having so much fun during the shoot I did not even notice until I got back into my Jeep that my pants were frozen from walking in deep snow, but getting these great shots was well worth it.

I have shot at McPolin Farm in Park City before, but never in such deep snow. It was difficult getting around, especially when we drove further into the mountains above Park City to get into the aspen trees. The snow in some places was four to five feet deep, and more than once I sank down to my mid chest. Lucky for me I was near a tree so I pull myself out without too much trouble.

Towards the end of the Winter McPolin Farm Bridal with Christie, we raced up to the aspen trees above Park City. I had to lay on my back in the snow to get the shots looking up into the trees, and it was cold, but not that bad. In the end we got what we wanted, aspen trees, an old white barn, blue sky and a beautiful winter shoot with a beautiful bride. What else could I ask for?

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The pictures above are some of my favorites from the McPolin Farm Bridal with Christie.

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