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Summer Antelope Island Bridal Session with Chantel

Summer Antelope Island Bridal Session with Chantel

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Antelope Island Bridal session with Chantel was perfect, but it did not start that way. We started out this shoot wondering if it was going to rain. The forecast called for a 60% chance but we decided to try it anyway. And as you will see from the pictures, I’m glad we did. There are beautiful sunsets, then there are incredible sunsets. I could not have asked for a better backdrop than the beautiful sunsets of Antelope Island, and a more beautiful bride to shoot than Chantel. This was a special 2 hour shoot and we got all different kinds of backgrounds, from green grass, to intricate rocks, to blue skies, to pink skies, to orange skies. Wow, you never know what you are going to get at antelope island and this was just amazing!

Chantel is a very easy going, nice and fun person to photograph. She was willing to climb on rocks, walk through the tall grass, and do just about anything to get some great shots. And her dress…well, you can see from the shots that she looked beautiful. We drove all over the island to many locations during the shoot, and each time we found great backgrounds, from bright sunlight to sunsets that just were impossible to imagine. The bugs weren’t to bad, as they can sometimes be here. And no snakes or spiders.

We shot until the sun went down and it was almost dark. By the time I was done I had taken over 600 pictures. I wish every day here was the same. sometimes its cloudy, sometimes sunny, and sometime it just rains. One time we had to cancel because of the wind, and another because of the rain. One time I even had to cancel a session because of the hatching of the mayflies, which were so numerous that they made clouds of bugs as far as you eye could see. But today was a perfect day. Thanks Chantel!

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