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Utah Photography Locations in Summer

Summer at Antelope Island

Summer at Antelope Island is beautiful, vast, diverse, and has some amazing sunsets. The only problem with shooting in the summer is the bugs, especially from mid April to the end of July. Mosquitos and biting flies can be a real problem, so be sure to bring some heavy repellant. Also, as you coming back across the causeway, your car will get pelted by millions of bugs, and you will need to get a car wash after.

For professional photographers, you will need to get a Photography pass, which they keep changing, but I recommend getting an annual pass if you plan on going more than 1 time per year. It's $115.00 if purchased January – June or $85.00 if purchased July – December. You can also get a 1 day photography pass for $40. These prices change all the time, so you will have to check with the US Park services to find out the going rate.

Best Dates To Photograph:
Travel Fee: $
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