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In addition to wedding photography, I can also do Wedding Videography at the same time.  Wedding videos are highlights of video scenes and events that happen throughout your wedding day, (details, getting ready, ceremony, bride & groom, wedding party, dances, cake cutting, sendoff, etc.)


The videos are shot in UHD (4k), then delivered in UHD and HD, meaning you get the highest quality videos in a format that works on almost any device.        

The videos are set to music, which you can choose or let me choose for you. An average song is about 4 minutes long, so the length of the video is determined by the number of songs in the video and the length of the songs you choose(up to 5 minutes per song).


In addition to the video highlights, you can also add a full ceremony video that will cover your ceremony with audio of your vows and music, from the beginning to the end of the ceremony. 

My Videography pricing is more affordable than what is normally charged by hiring two different people as I am already at your wedding doing the photography.

1 Song video highlights of your wedding day ......$500

2 Song video highlights of your wedding day ......$800

3 Song video highlights of your wedding day ...$1,200


Full ceremony video with audio of vows .....$600

Video Bride & Groom or Engagement session...$400  

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