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Spring Antelope Island Bride and Groom Session with Mylee & Spencer

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Spring Antelope Island Bride and Groom Session with Mylee & Spencer

The Spring Sunset Bride & Groom Session at Antelope Island with Mylee & Spencer was the most beautiful I have ever seen. Antelope Island has some of the most amazing sunsets on the planet, but this one was especially amazingly beautiful!

I used to live in Bountiful, Utah, so antelope Island was a lot closer. But now that I live in Lehi, Antelope Island is a lot further drive and I don't get out there very often. But I used to do at least 6 shoots there every month throughout the year.

When you plan a shoot at Antelope Island, it all about the timing. If you go the wrong time of year, its full of biting flies, mosquitoes and spiders. If you go in the winter it can be bitterly cold, sometimes below zero. If you go in the fall it can be extremely windy, wrecking the reflection on the lake. And of course you have to know exactly when the sun will set on the water and how long it takes to get to where you want to shoot or you will miss the sunset altogether!

Early April, before the bugs come out, is one of the best times of the year to get amazing sunset pictures, and I found a new location on the island that has an amazing view of the lake while standing on large rocks without having to go onto the swampy beach, very important when your clients are dressed up in their wedding cloths and their wedding is coming up in a week.

Of course we arrived way early and got some shots in the daylight on the grassy plane, and on the high rocks, but it was a twenty minute walk from a remote parking area to get to what I call sunset rock.

I had just shot Mylee & Spencer's engagement this morning, so I had already got a chance to get to know them better and they were even more comfortable in front of the camera tonight. And all i can say is that it was a perfect, windless, amazingly beautiful sunset like I have rarely seen before in my life!

Want us to shoot a Spring Sunset Bride & Groom Session at Antelope Island session for you, or any other type of session? For more information, please go to Utah Wedding Photographers

For more information on the shoot location, please visit the Antelope Island website, or for the exact GPS information on where I took the pictures, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.


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