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Spring Antelope Island Engagement

Spring Antelope Island Engagement with Trichelle & Parker

by Utah Wedding photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Spring Antelope Island Engagement with Trichelle & Parker was simply amazing!

The sky was on of the the most beautiful I had ever seen. But the walk to where we took most of the pictures was further than we had expected.

Hi again, I'm in the process of catching up on my blogging before I head out to Little Sahara today, and I wanted to get this one in. Have you ever been somewhere and saw something in the distance and thought, that does not look that far away, only to find out it was a lot further than it looked? That happened to Trichelle, parker and I when we saw what looked like a small island that we could reach via a land bridge in the Great Salt lake.

We had done some pictures at Antelope island in the field near the sough and were heading out to find a good sunset location when we saw the island. I had seen the little island before, but it had always been surrounded by water and was not reachable without swimming, not something you can do with expensive cameras.

I judged the distance as about a 20 minute walk. As we walked further and further, the island was not getting very much bigger, and I realized it was a lot further out than it looked. I asked Trichelle and Parker if they wanted to go back, and they said no, so on we went. Ultimately, it ended up to be about a 50 minute walk.

Even though the walk was long, it ended up being an amazing location with lots of variety and we had a perfect sunset to reward us for our tenacity. We did end up walking back about half the way in the dark, which was another adventure in and of itself.

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The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites from the Spring Antelope Island Engagement with Trichelle & Parker. Enjoy!


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