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Red Rock Utah Photography Locations

Secret Location Near Moab

This location is a secret except to people that book me for a session here. It is near Moab, and I have never seen another photographer there, and want to try to keep it that way. It is an amazingly beautiful red rock area, with lots of variety.

One of the difficulties in shooting in areas that look like this, like Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park, is that in those areas you will be told you can't shoot professional pictures in a National Park without permission from the NP services, and if you do get permission, you will have to pay a large fee, arrange it a month in advance, and be told where you can and cannot stand. With this area, there are no such rules, as its BLM land.

Its best to go here from May through the end of September, when its warm. Also, if you book me for a shoot here, we would need to check the weather the day prior as it does not look great with an all cloudy sky. You want a beautiful blue sky in the day, and later a beautiful golden sunset.

I charge a travel fee to go here as it is about an 8 hour round trip drive from my home in Lehi, Ut.

Best Dates To Photograph:
Travel Fee: $
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