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Fall Utah Photography Locations

Fall at Big Springs Park Valley

The Big Springs Park Valley is just 1 of 5 main areas to take pictures at Big Springs Park. you would never be able to go to more than 2 locations in 1 photo session, so I have broken them down into different areas.
Big Springs Valley includes the area from the upper parking lot to the valley which is about a 15 minute walk up the road from the upper parking lot.

There are two main trails from the upper parking area. The first one is a dirt road that runs up from the parking lot past the guard rail. The second is a dirt path that crosses the river and winds its way through the forest to the same valley location. I take the path up to the valley, then the road back down to make a loop.

Best Dates To Photograph:
9/25 through 10/15
Travel Fee: $
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