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Temple Weddings

Temple Wedding Tips

Temple Weddings are beautiful no matter what time of year they occur. It takes at least 1 hour past your sealing time to come out of the doors, and sometimes later depending on the time of year.  So if your sealing time is 2:00pm, my official start time will be 3:00pm, but I will arrive prior to that just in case you get out early.  Just a few tips to make your photography experience perfect.


1. I always get a large group picture and many different combinations of friends and family pictures on the wedding day.  Make sure you tell me or give me a list if you have special groups of people you would like us to take pictures of.


2. If there are any family members who were not at the Temple, please let me know so I can get pictures of them at the reception.


3. Dress for the weather!  If its summer, have a family member bring some water.  If its winter, have a family member bring a warm coat.  I have seen brides in the dead of winter without a coat and it breaks my heart to see their teeth chattering.  And if you get to cold, or hot, let me know right away!

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