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Summer Lake Martha Engagement with Sarah & Sione

by Utah Wedding photographers James Erick Photography Utah

Summer Lake Martha & Mary Engagement with Sarah & Sione

The Lake Martha & Lake Mary Engagement session with Sarah & Sione was beautiful, but the weather was not perfect. Every since I found these two lakes I have wanted to do a photo shoot here. These two lakes have limited access. For most of the year they are blocked by heavy snow, so you have to time your visit right. And you have to have clients that are willing to do a tough hike to get there. But I knew I would eventually find

This year the snow was heavy, so the lakes were not open to access until July! Even then, there were places where we had to walk across snow drifts across the path. Its a hard hike up here, at least 1 hour from the base of Brighton. But I found a couple, Sarah and Sione that were willing to do the hike.

Sarah & Sione are an adventurous couple that are fun and were great to work with. Not many people would be willing to do the kind of hike necessary to reach these two lakes, but they were all in!

Unfortunately, the weather was not great, and the clouds moved in and the wind got heavy, so we did not get the glass like calm that you usually get, but we decided to shoot anyway. And even though the weather was not perfect, we got some great shots.

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The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites from the lake Martha & Lake Mary Engagement session with Sarah & Sione. Enjoy!


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