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Canyonlands National Park Bride and Groom Session with Emme & Daniel

by Utah Wedding Photographers

Canyonlands National Park Bride & Groom session with Emme & Daniel

The Canyonlands National Park Bride & Groom session with Emme & Daniel was perfect! Besides the fact that we were taking pictures on the edge of cliffs 8,000 feet from the canyon bottom, which made me kind of nervous. But other than that, great.

When I asked Emme & Daniel if they wanted to do a special 2 hour session at Canyonlands National Park, they said, OK, let check out schedules to see when we could do it. It was that easy. After all, its about a 3.5 hour drive 1 way to get there! But we checked our schedules and found a great day with perfect weather predictions and off we went.

I arrived 2 hours early to check out great shooting locations. I found 10 possible great shoot locations, and planned on going to all of them, but I saved the best for sunset. The problem with shooting at a place this size, is that you can only be at one place at sunset, because of the distance between each location. So i timed how long it would take to get to each location and formed a plan. In the earlier locations, the sun was bright so i could only shoot in certain directions, but in the last two locations the sun was soft or down, and the lighting was perfect.

Emme and Daniel were great to work with. The only problem I had with them was they had no fear of heights. I mean, a little fear would have been great when your standing on the edge of an 8,000 foot drop straight down, but neither of them even seemed to notice. So I was constantly telling them to be careful, watch the edge, don't joke around, etc. All I could think was that they could fall and how would I explain it to their parents.

But they did not fall, and they were careful, and we got some amazing shots at the Canyonlands National Park Bride & Groom session.

If you would like to know all the best places to take pictures at Canyonlands National Park, please visit my Utah Photography Locations web page.

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