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Summer Payson Temple Wedding with Brandi & Tom

Summer Payson Temple wedding with Brandi & Thomas

by Utah Wedding Photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Summer Payson Temple wedding with Brandi & Thomas went great. I was one of the first photographers to shoot at the Payson LDS Temple when it first opened, and I have now shot about 30 weddings there so I know it well. It was difficult when it first opened as there was very little landscaping and no mature trees. But now it is so beautiful with flowers and trees everywhere. The challenge still is that there is very little shade except inside the Temple itself, so you have to take breaks, especially in the summer time so that the bride and groom don't get to hot.

I knew Brandi & Thomas, as I had already shot their engagement session at the Castle Park Amphitheater in Provo, and their bride & groom session at the famous Garden Park Ward a few months earlier. And prior to that I met at my home with Brandi & her father to discuss what they were looking for in a photographer. I don't think I have ever been asked so many questions in my life! But after an hour long meeting they hired me.

The wedding day went great. And even though the sky was hazy from fires far away, the Temple stood out and was beautiful. At the reception, Brandi's dad gave a very touching speech talking about how Brandi was a very giving person and that the only thing that mattered to her on her wedding day was getting sealed in the Payson Temple.

For more information regarding the Summer Payson Temple wedding shoot location, please visit their website at the Payson LDS Temple. For more information regarding my wedding photography company, please visit my website at James Erick photography Utah. The pictures above are just a very few of my favorites.

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