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Memory Grove Bride & Groom Session

Winter Memory Grove Bride & Groom Session with Alexa & Taylor

by Utah Wedding photographers James Erick Photography Utah

The Winter Memory Grove Bride & Groom Session with Alexa & Taylor felt more like an early spring session as once again, there was no snow at all. This has been a really strange year, and people asking for snow shoots have to be willing to travel to the tops of the mountain to get any snow at all. But the lack of snow did not bother Alexa & Taylor at all! In fact, Alexa is from Idaho where they usually get a lot of cold, snowy weather so she was just fine with the warmer temperatures.

Shooting a Winter Memory Grove Bride & Groom Session, snow or no snow, can be a lot of fun. It is a dog park after all, and besides taking great pictures, my goal is to keep the dogs from trying to jump on her dress with their muddy paws! The first time I shot at memory grove, a big dog that had just run through the river jumped up on the bride. It was not good. Every since then I have warned brides and grooms to be on the lookout for roaming doges waiting for their chance to ruin a wedding dress. This time most of the dog owners were respectful and kept their dogs back.

Alexa & Taylor were a lot of fun to work with and photograph. After the dress revile, they were all smiles as we walked from the back of memory grove and shot our way to the entrance. I look forward to shooting their upcoming wedding!

For more information on the shoot location, please visit their website at Memory Grove Park. For more information on my company, please visit us at James Erick Photography Utah.

The pictures above are just a few of my favorites from the Winter Memory Grove Bride & Groom Session with Alexa & Taylor.

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